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Selling Your Home Should Be Easy, Fast, and Put The Most Money In Your Pocket.

Selling a house or property is a big decision. Right now you’re probably thinking…

“When is the right time to sell?”  “What is my property actually worth?” (HINT: not what Zillow say’s it’s worth) “Who should I work with?”  “I’m busy… how can I sell it with as little of my time as possible but put the most money in our pockets?”

We’ve helped many many local Colorado Springs area families sell their house fast, with less hassle, for higher prices.. and we’d love to help you too.

How We Put More Money In Your Pocket.

Many local Colorado Springs real estate brokers can list your house, but selling a home for top dollar takes much more than just listing a house on the MLS. If you can get your property in front of the right buyers, at the right times, with the right marketing strategy… your chances of selling faster for the highest price possible increase drastically!

Here’s how it works…

We’ll take a look at your home and then sit down to do a consultation with you to learn your wants and needs so that we can better serve you.

We’ll then recommend a target sale price and go over our game plan with you to get your home sold the fastest and for the most profit.

We’re 100% transparent, so you ask us any questions you have!

Live Your Life: We take care of 100% of the details from listing to “Sold!” so you can live your life while we work hard to sell your house fast

Our Experience Saves You Time, Money, and Stress In Selling Your Home Quickly

Our winning marketing plan and experience on your side helps reduce the average days on market. This saves you time, money, and gets you on with your life faster.

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Colorado Springs is an amazing area and we’re proud to call it home. Because we love living and working here in Colorado so much, it makes it easy to help local families, friends and investors buy and sell.

Knowing the local Colorado Springs real estate market like the back of our hand should be a given for any real estate professional you consider working with. Market knowledge can be the difference between you overpaying or getting a great deal, finding the right property or missing it, and buying a property fully informed or missing critical things during inspection that can cost you.

But where we take it farther is our focus on you having an amazing buying or selling experience so you can focus on living life.

Let us worry about the details.

If you want to chat real estate or even just connect for a quick coffee, reach out to us anytime!


– Jacob and Clay – The Martin Brothers

How Our Listing Process Works:

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We use our marketing power to find the right buyers quickly and without hassle for you. We take care of everything start to finish.

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What’s Your Home Worth?

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According to Wikipedia: Real estate appraisalproperty valuation or land valuation is the process of developing an opinion of value, for real property (usually market value). Real estate transactions often require appraisals because they occur infrequently and every property is unique (especially their condition, a key factor in valuation), unlike corporate stocks, which are traded daily and are identical (thus a centralized Walrasian auction like a stock exchange is unrealistic). The location also plays a key role in valuation. However, since property cannot change location, it is often the upgrades or improvements to the home that can change its value. Appraisal reports form the basis for mortgage loans, settling estates and divorces, taxation, and so on. Sometimes an appraisal report is used to establish a sale price for a property.

Colorado Springs Home Values Have Recently Changed: What’s Your Home Worth Today?

Property values are changing in Colorado Springs and all around Colorado.

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Home Selling Tips

We are here for you! We work together to create a successful listing strategy that works with your unique needs and timeline.

Why An AgentBuyer Bonuses

Moving Checklists

Ready to get moving?! Here’s some of our favorite ways to get you and your household set up for success.



Start going through your closets, drawers and cabinets and analyze what items can be donated


Gather all legal documentation into one box and maintain in an accessible and safe place. Documents should include vehicle titles, registration documents and licensing, birth certificates, wills, deeds, stock, legal, medical, and insurance records


Get estimates from three moving companies and make sure they have insurance


Start packing away items you don’t use every day


Deep clean the house (see cleaning checklist)


Meet with the stager for final staging recommendations



Complete a change of address card at the U.S. Postal Service and at the following places you do business: • accountants • attorneys • banks • credit card companies • former employers • insurance agents • IRS/Social Security Admin • periodicals • stockbrokers


Cancel newspaper delivery


Notify the Department of Motor Vehicles of your new address


Contact all utility companies (cable, gas, electric, phone, garbage collection, water, etc.) to arrange for disconnect, final billing and connection at your new address. Arrange to have children’s school records transferred


Contact insurance companies (auto, homeowner’s, medical and life) to arrange for coverage in your new location


Cancel voter registration; re-register once you’ve settled into your new home



Defrost refrigerators and freezers


Pack first night items, including: alarm clocks, change of clothes, flashlight, phone, sheets, toiletries and towels


Keep medications, financial information and valuable items with you!


Make sure all of your inspection repairs are complete


Contact your home owner’s insurance company and let them know your day of closing


Your home needs to be left in clean condition, vacuumed, mopped, all cabinets and counters wiped clean, cleaned appliances and all trash and debris removed from inside and outside of the property



There are a lot of little things you can do when packing to help save yourself from a lot of stress. Here’s just a few!





Coffee, filters, and coffee maker


Paper cups and plates, plastic utensils


Paper towels, toilet paper, soap


Water, sunglasses and chapstick, no matter the season – stay hydrayed in Colorado!



Keep jewelry, important papers or medications with you


Label boxes as you pack them with content and desired room location


Leave lamps, china and artwork or breakables for movers to pack


Pack heavy items in small boxes.


Do not over-stuff boxes; leave some extra room at the top


Tape cords underneath all electrical appliances


Wrap breakables in newspaper, bubble wrap, clothes or towel


Use RED packing tape for critical boxes you want to unpack first


Put plastic wrap over drawers so you don’t have to empty out their contents.


Pack plates vertically so they’re less likely to break. Make sure you wrap them well!


Don’t take clothes off their hangers. Move them in bunches in garbage bags still on the hangers. Easy and way cheaper than wardrobe boxes.


Color code each box according to room so you can identify what needs to go where in a glance.


Add some padding to your boxes. Plastic grocery bags are great for cushioning your breakables. Don’t leave room at the top without padding because otherwise they may get crushed.


Remember to mark boxes with breakables as fragile. Whether you’ve hired movers or are doing it yourself, you don’t want someone to be too rough with those boxes.


Cut triangles in boxes about 1/3 of the way down to create handles for easy carrying


This, too, may seem counterintuitive. The seller may believe that he or she will make more money without having to pay a real estate commission, but studies have shown that homes typically sell for more money when handled by a real estate professional.

Research by the National Association of Realtors in their 2018 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers revealed that,

“the median selling price for all FSBO homes was $200,000 last year. However, homes that were sold with the assistance of an agent had a median selling price of $264,900 – nearly $65,000 more for the typical home sale.”

We realize that technology has changed the purchaser’s behavior during the home buying process. According to the National Association of Realtors’ latest Profile of Home Buyers & Sellers, the percentage of buyers who used the internet in their home search increased to 95%.

What every BUYER
should KNOW


Property taxes and qualified home interest are deductible on an individual’s federal income tax return in most cases.


Many times, a home is the largest asset an individual has and is considered one of the safest investments available.


A homeowner can exclude up to $500,000 of capital gains if married filing jointly or up to $250,000 if single or married filing separately. The home must have been the taxpayer’s principal residence for two of the last five years.


A portion of each amortized mortgage payment goes toward the principal, which is an investment.


A home is one of the few investments you can enjoy by living in it!


The majority of the time, a REALTOR® can show you any home, whether it is listed with a company or a builder or is even a For Sale By Owner.


Working with a REALTOR® to purchase a For Sale By Owner property is very advantageous, because someone will be looking out for your best interests.


Getting pre-qualified by a mortgage company will actually approve you for a specific loan amount subject to the property. This will give you confidence and will help when negotiating with the seller.


The right to conduct a property inspection, included in your purchase agreement, gives you the ability to negotiate with the seller once you know all the facts about the property’s condition.


In a “seller’s market,” don’t go looking for a deal. Set your sights on the right house for you, and then let your REALTOR help you negotiate the best price and terms.

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